Lets take a break from poking fun at my kids and focus on what’s important.

Ayaan (he’s 2.5 yrs old) and I spend some time playing with cars and trains in his room.  He actually played really maturely.  His tractor would stop for my train and wait for it to pass (wow, there is hope for the boy).  After playing calmly for a bit he decided he missed his motorcycles (which were downstairs).  We came down and ate apples for snack. 

Yesterday Safiya (she’s 7), out of the blue, came to me, gave me a big hug and said “Baba, you are the best dad a daughter could ever have”.  I quickly said she was the best daughter a father could ever have and hugged her so she couldn’t see my teary eyes.

Same day Hamza (6 yrs) came and talked to me about the complexity of having a baby brother.  I mean a real mature conversation.  More teary eyes.

It’s stuff like this and this that gives you the strength to put up with enjoy parenthood with a smile!  You know when you happily stand in line in the hot sun for 45 minutes so your children could get a 60 second pony ride. 

So lets take a break for all the complaining and focus on the love.  We’ll return to our regular programming in a few days.