So I had 7, yes SEVEN kids yesterday.  A few things happen when you have that many kids to look after:

  • You get the fear of God in your heart
  • Walking into a burning building suddenly seems very appealing (fortunately none of the buildings were on fire)
  • You start contemplating eating that rat poison with peanut butter and bread
  • Your desire to live diminishes almost as fast as your civil liberties have been diminishing lately
  • Banging your head on the wall actually makes the pain go away
  • You want to climb up the building and dive down, head first
  • You cut out the seat belt in your car and disable airbags and breaks before almost going for a high speed joyride (couldn’t disable them airbags)
  • You try to microwave your head
  • You pour yourself a glass of Sulphuric Acid to go with dinner
  • You put water in the bathtub, put toaster, hair dryer and boom box inside and jump in (stupid shot circuit)
  • You start eating the broken glass instead of throwing it away

I should get a badge or something.  “I survived 7 kids, only 3 my own”.