Someone gave me two tickets to the air show (thank you, once again!)  So I did what any father would do, I took my two boys and left the house to turn it into a Hamid-family-male-bonding-day.  The only problem was that the other two Hamids were 5 and 2!

First we got stuck at the traffic forever. Yes yes, should’ve taken the train.  I got it now.  Then, we spent an hour looking for parking (yes, an hour). Eventually I found something 3.5 kms away from the air show, which is when I realized I didn’t take the stroller.  Oh get this, this wasn’t entirely legal parking. I did pay $15 to park, but it was in a residential building and all visitor spots were taken.  So I parked at the reserved spot.  $15 earned me that, I think.

Waking 3.5 kms with two young children was nothing.  The “fun” started when we got there. The morons at CNE didn’t know where the air-show was. One of them pointed me to a direction (”go there and find a place”) and failed to mention that “there” was far, FAR away AND that they had a free shuttle going from here to there.  We were already so late, we made a run for it.  I was still carrying the 2 year old while the 5 year old tried not to complain. 

So eventually we got to a bridge.  Nope, not it.  Then a second bridge, not that either. At which point I decided to go see the map and noticed a third bridge.  “Is that the right one?”  Being a good consumer, I decided to ask a worker.  That waste of skin directed me towards somewhere totally different. What the heck?  How difficult is it to say: “I don’t know” or “I am not sure”?  Idiots!

By this point the kids were tired and decided they wanted to go on rides instead (btw, the third bridge was it).  To make things worse, since the 2 year old could just hear loud planes and not see them, he decided he was afraid of them. 

Alright, fine. Lets go on rides.  Each ride was $4 per child.  WTF?  Merry Go Round for $8?  So poor kids just went on 3 rides before I ran out of cash.  We spent rest of the time walking around.

Oh guess what, when I got back they had called the tow truck.  I just made it out before it showed up. 

Did I mention I was fasting? Yes sir, 5 hours of walking in the sun with not a drop of water to drink.

Yup, that’s why my hair doesn’t grow anymore! 
[On the flip side, the kids had a blast.  Weird]