There are words I use that, well, I suppose normal people aren’t exposed to as much. I’ve taught my kids those too, so they are well on their way to prosperity.  I honestly did not realize until fairly recently that these words aren’t as commonly used as I thought they were:

  • Lets keep a buffer and meet at 4:30
  • Do you have the bandwidth to finish the document tonight?
    Translation: Do you have enough brain cells for the task?
  • That man has an amazing throughput
    Translation: output
  • Dang, I just blew my buffer
    I lost my train of thought
  • Dude, you’re burning cycles
    : Wasting time
  • We’re on a death march
    final phase of development
  • He’s drinking from a fire-hose
    He’s over-whelmed with the amount of information presented
  • I am dogfooding it
    Translation: I am using a beta product for testing
  • There’s a fire-drill at work
    Translation: There’s something that needs immediate attention
  • Ping me when you have time
    Translation: Contact me quickly when you have time
  • I can’t wait for the weekend, I really need some downtime
    Need a break
  • I will sync with you later
    Translation: I will touch-base with you later
  • Lets chat offline
    Translation: Lets take it off the group and talk 1-on-1 later
  • Lets parallelize it, you go do <this> and I’ll do <that>
    Translation: Divide tasks
  • Go interface with him, dude
    Translation: Go talk to him
  • I need to recharge
    Translation: Need to recuperate
  • little-r me
    Translation: Don’t reply-all to the e-mail, just reply to me
  • It’s a binary problem
    There are two possible solutions (yes / no; left / right; etc)
  • You’re thrashing
    Translation: You’re not getting anything done because you are trying to do too much
  • I need to take a bio-break
    : Err, self-explanatory