Hamza is 5.  Ayaan is 2.

Last night after we tucked them all to bed I came down to drink tea (don’t ask).  I heard someone come down the stairs.

Me: “Who is coming down?  You are in deep trouble”

Footsteps paused.

Me: “Who is it?”
Ayaan: “This is Ham-chcha”
I hear footsteps upstairs
Hamza: “noooo, it’s not me.  It is Ayaan”
Ayaan: “No, I am Ham-cha”
Me: “Whoever you are, go back to bed right now”


Ayaan: “I am thirsty. I want water”
Me: “Go drink it upstairs”


Ayaan: “I have to tell you something”

Well, at least that boy is persistent.