Took the kids to the Demolition Derby this weekend (I know, I know).

If ‘t’ is the time we left, then it went like this :-

t – 2.5 hours:
Me after spending $24 to get in: “What a ripoff”

t – 2.25 hours:
Wife: “Can we get fries please?
Me: “Sure, I’ll go get it”
Me after spending $12 for fries: “What a ripoff”

t – 2 hours:
|Hamza: “Look, Demolition Dirty is coming”
Ayaan: “This is so much pun (he can’t say f)”

t – 1 hour:
Kids: “Can we go on rides please?  Please?  Please?
Me, looking at cash in my pocket: “Uh, sure.  But just one each”
Kids: “Yay….”

t – 30 minutes:
Kids: “Can we go on one more, please?  please?  Please?
Me: “Argh, sure”

t – 15 minutes:
Me: “Alright kids, I have no money left, lets go”
Safiya: “This is not fair!”
Me: “What’s not fair?”
Safiya: “I didn’t even get to go on the ride I wanted to”
Me: “Why in the world did you go on rides you did not want to?”
Safiya: “I want to go to this one”
Me: “Why did you go to the other ones then?”
Safiya: “I wanted to go to those one before.  But NOW I want to go to this one”

t – 5 minutes:
Safiya: “I did not even have fun cuz I did not even get to go to the ride I wanted to go to”

Next time I’ll just stay home, save $50 and hear “it’s not fair” at the comfort of my own home!