Okay, I used to be a cyclist, but they are really starting to tick me off now! One of these days I swear I'll run someone over because of their arrogant, self-righteous stupidity.

The other day one hit my car because he decided to bike down the sidewalk (illegal) on the opposite side, really fast. Then yesterday I was walking back with my kids on a sidewalk and two of them nearly hit my son because, again, they decided that sidewalk was for racing. But worst happened when I nearly ran two because they decided stop signs didn't apply to them!

You know the type who think they're above the law and zoom past stop sign and traffic lights as if road signs don't apply to them (they do). What the heck! If you're on a thin bike with tiny wheels and virtually no protection, shouldn't you be more careful than drivers in 2000 lb. cars, seat belts and airbags????? Let me spell it out for you thick head, waste-of-skin, science-experiment-gone-wrong morons: 2000lb. blobs of metal will always crush 150lb. flesh bodies. So obey traffic laws and ride more carefully than you drive, not less. Honestly, that thin little helmet isn't going to protect your head that's too stupid to figure out that cars facing green light may not realize you're dumb enough to break the light. May be I should have ran you two over to increase the collective IQ of this city.

For those riders who'll defend not having to follow a stop sign or a light, consider a car that stops to turn right. If you're coming from the direction I am turning to riding on a sidewalk, I wont see you when I turn. At least freaking slow down!

I've been trying to find cyclists on the road who actually follow road signs, and I honestly haven't seen one YET! If you dont like road laws, dont bike on roads. Go take a trail. Or campaign for laws to be changed.

Alright, I am glad I got that off my chest.