This shows why my wife and I don't watch movies together.

She comes back from watching 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Our conversation went like this:

"It was such a good movie"
"Let me guess [I knew it was a girly movie]. The guy travels back in time and meets his wife when she was a child"
"You read the book"
"I didn't even know there was a book"
"No, it was actually good"
"Time travel? They are always so cheesy with their bad science explanation"
"No they didn't have a machine"
"How did he travel through time?"
"He had a gene"
"Ya, a time travel gene"
"Oh ya, that's not cheesy at all. What a smart explanation [sarcasm]!"
"No, it was good because it wasn't like those movies where he didn't want to change the past cuz he did not want the future to be impacted"
"So it was like those movies where no matter what he did, the outcome was the same cuz what happened, happened?"
"Uh, ya. He couldn't save his mom no matter what he did"
"Oh ya ... ahem .... not like time travel movies at all"
"No but he dies"
"Sad ending?"
"No, he comes back to meet his wife"
"From death?"
"No, from the past before he died"
"So he didn't win a lottery then"
"Oh no, he did"
"He saw the numbers and went back to buy the ticket"
"Right. Can't save his mother from dying cuz he cannot alter history but lottery ticket, that's ok"
"Nothing. How did his clothes travel with him?"
"See, they didn't. that's what was cool. He always ended up naked"
"Oh, so he did not meet his wife when she was a child?"
"He did, she was only 6"
"And he was naked?"
"And she did not run to her parents screaming?"
"No, he asked for her blanked"
"Of course. that's not creepy at all"
"Nothing. Sounds like a wonderful movie"

Producers should be fired. If my 7 year old daughter sees a naked man lying in the fields I sure as heck hope she would run to me screaming. Anything less and I failed miserably as a parent. Sheesh.

I watch a LOT of sci-fi (and therefore, a lot of time traveling movies - which i hate with a passion). The only two time travel movies I have ever enjoyed are Back to the Future series (duh, but cuz it's comical) and Time Machine (that had potential but did not live it).