I wonder how many people were spanked at least once as children.  I suspect the number is larger than we think.  They may deny it, but it’s true.  Heck I’ve been spanked for being spanked (I had bony bums that hurt my mum’s hand as she was spanking me). 
[Okay, that didn’t really happen but it sounded funny]

The problem with spanking is that it doesn’t really work.  My brother and I actually came up with a beating scale.  “How expensive do you think this is?”  “I think it’s four beatings”  “Woa, cheap, lets do it.” 
My mom’s smart though, caught on one day.  I had a deprived childhood from that day on.  I didn’t really know what to do.  It’s like if the supermarket removes price tags from all its products. 

Jokes aside, these kids!  I swear there are days I contemplate spanking, or jumping out the window.  They really learn how to push your buttons early.  I caught Ayaan drawing on the leather couch, with a butter knife:
“Hey hey hey, stop!  What are you doing????”
“I am drawing a choo choo train.” 
“Because I am drawing a choo choo train.” 
“Why are you drawing it on the couch?” 
“Because I am drawing it on the couch.” 
“Why are you using a knife?”
“Because I am using a knife.” 
“Why aren’t you using paper and pencil?”
“Because I am not using paper and pencil.” 

Argh, I took the knife away and left a screaming child behind as I took a note to myself: “teach this boy the meaning of word ‘because’.” 

And they wonder where my hair went.