comb-over1-thumb-167x175[1] Seriously, is there anything more universally ridiculed?  You outgrew your hair, live with it.  You aren’t fooling anyone (We know you are bald.  Seriously.  We know). 

Comb over, comb forward, comb around … it’s all lame. Just shave it off dude.  You lost your hair, it’s gone.  Bald men are hot!

Denial is only the first stage.  I understand, we all go through it.  You aren’t supposed to get stuck at denial, you are supposed to move on to anger then bargaining then depression so you can finally accept.

Let this blog be a motivation.  Go ahead, shave it off.  Post a pic for motivation for other comb overs. 

If I ever get a comb over, go ahead and shoot me.  Save this post in case you are charged for murder or something. The judge would understand.  Unless he has a comb over, then you are out of luck.