Ayaan is partially potty trained.  Experience my evening:
“BABAAAAAAAAAA – Ayaan made a mess”
I ran up and see sh*t (lets call it poop from now on), literally, all around the kitchen floor (as he walked, it dropped). I pick the boy up, rush to the bathroom with him and he drops some more.  Okay, take his pants of, wash his skinny legs full of, well, you know what, dress up him and come back to clean the kitchen.  As I am wiping the floor I hear “I am doneeeee”.  “Done with WHAT?”  “Potty”. “What do you mean potty?”  “I did potty”.
Now there’s poop on the kitchen floor and a dirty baby upstairs.
So I rush upstairs, kitchen floor is not fully clean yet, take the boy’s pants off, throw it in the hamper, take him to the bathroom when I notice his legs are brown.  “AAAAH”, I leave him in the bathroom, rush to the laundry basket, take his pants out, flush stuff down the toilet and take it back to the laundry room when I noticed Sushi, our  youngest cat, was playing with her cat litre again and made a huge mess (including, well, more crap on the floor).
Now there’s still poop on the kitchen floor, a dirty baby in the bathroom with poop on his legs and cat poop in the laundry room.
I decide to clean the cat litre first.  As I am doing it I hear Safiya and  Hamza fighting over a toy computer. “Stop fighting or you both are going in the garbage, along with the computer”.  Meanwhile Ayaan screams “I am dirtyyyyyy”.
So now I have poop in the kitchen floor, a dirty baby the bathroom with poop on his legs , cat poop in the laundry room and two screaming kids in the bedroom.
Ayaan keeps screaming so I leave the laundry room floor, go to the bathroom and notice that he tried to smell a flower by flipping the pot over his face. His face and body is now full of mud. Meanwhile he pooped some more and he was  naked sitting on the bathroom counter!
Now I have poop on the kitchen floor, a dirty baby in the bathroom with poop on his legs and mud on his face, cat poop in the laundry room, two screaming kids and poop on the bathroom counter right next to my toothbrush (which promptly went in the garbage).
So now I shower the boy, put him in bed, send the older two to bed after threatening them with things I would rather not repeat, clean and disinfect the bathroom countertop, clean cat litre and the laundry room, clean and disinfect the kitchen floor, grab a bowl of cereal and as I am walking towards the TV to FINALLY relax …. I step on something wet, warm and squishy. I look down and it’s brown and smells like, well, POOP.
So there, I think this evening easily reduced my life expectancy by at least 5 years.  And I’ve never used the word “POOP” so much in my entire life.