Hamza was 4 and Safiya was 6 when someone gave them a toy gun as a gift. I returned the gift because I did not want them playing with guns at that young age.  THAT is how careful I tried to be.

Ayaan (2.5 years old) comes to me and goes: “Baba, can we go to the store and get another cat?”
”Why?  You don’t like Sushi and Spice?”
”I do like him” (everything is “him”)
”We already have two cats.  We wont get more”

So he looks at Sushi.  He looks at Spice. He looks at Sushi.  He looks at Spice.  He walks up and approaches Spice saying “Okay, I will kill him.  Then can we get another cat?”

Where oh where did I go so wrong?