So long, my 52” LCD TV.

I went to Washington DC for a week.  I got back tired and hungry.  After putting Ayaan to bed as I walked towards the kitchen to get food what do I notice?  A huge scratch on the TV, that’s what. On close inspection I could see several small dents. It seems like someone repeatedly hit the TV with something.

When Hamza cracked my previous TV, he did it in one shot.  So at least I know it wasn’t him.  He didn’t need multiple hits.  Safiya is 8. It’d be really sad if she did it.  I am giving my wife the benefit of doubt.  That leaves Ayaan, the three year old.

I asked him and he replied “it was a bad guy who did it with his sword”.  That’s when I took out my stare of death that I inherited from my mother.  “Okay, it was an accident”.  What?  Accident? How do you accidentally hit the TV screen REPEATEDLY????

That’s the second LCD cracked in Hamid household in three years. I am going ol’ school with tube TVs :(