Ayaan is not 3 yet.

Ayaan: “Can I sleep in your bed?”
Me: “No”
Ayaan: “May I please sleep in your bed?”
Me: “No”
Ayaan: “Okay, then when mama comes I’ll sleep in your bed.  That’s cuz mama loves me”
Me: “I love you too Ayaan”
Ayaan: “No you don’t love me.  Only mama loves me. You dont let me sleep in your bed”
Me: “Everyone loves you Ayaan.  Me, mama .. <went through the entire family> … even Sushi and Spice (they are our cats)”
Ayaan: “No, Sushi and Spice dont love me. They are not happy with me”
Me: “Why are they not happy with you?”
Ayaan: “Because they are not happy with me. They are sad with me”