My “Milton, Halton, Ontario & Canada” blog has moved to  There wasn’t any point of mixing personal rambling (this one) with a more focused rant (that one).

So when we first moved to the house, the washing machine broke and flooded the whole upstairs.  Had to fix the damaged wall and replace hardwood on the hallway.  Then I scratched the side of the van.  On a separate incident, I broke the side-view mirror.  Our video camera died, haven’t captured any video of kids for a while.  Just when I was about to buy a camcorder, the washing machine died again (I replaced the first dead washing machine with another old one).   Oh and my wifi router died (third one), so I am stuck blogging this plugged into the wall … how 1999! 

Meanwhile thanks to Ayaan, the hardwood looks like it’s 100 years old.  Leather couch and coffee table look antique.  I haven’t had a goodnight sleep for a while.  Heck I haven’t really done much in terms of personal entertainment for sometime (“much” is the keyword).  By the end of the day the mind is just so tired that there is no will to do anything.   We went paddle-boating yesterday and spent half the time fighting with Ayaan so he wouldn’t jump in the water. 

Time may be right to join a gym.  But I can’t find anyone that doesn’t require a 12-month contract.  And I don’t want to sign a contract.  First, however, I need to get over the obsessive compulsion to stay current with all electronic communication.  I fear turning into this :-

On the plus side I actually am getting some reading done. So that’s good, I guess.  Right?