• So my son breaks my $1000+ HDTV LCD in January.
  • Then I find out I won't be able to use some international tickets I booked for the family, costing me $800 to cancel them.
  • Then I find out after paying $61,000 in federal + state income taxes (not a typo), I still owe another $3,500 in taxes! No, I am not filthy rich. I moved States and a lot of moving expenses my employer paid ended up on my W2 as "income". That pushed me into AMT, wiped out all these deductions I had and, well, I am screwed :).
  • And then I sell my $2000 camera to replace it with something else and that money gets needed elsewhere, so poof goes my only hobby

AAAH! I know s*** happens, but does it all has to happen exactly at the same time???? I still haven't recovered from having to change the clutch in my car. My 401k balance is down in the toilet, bank account is down to double digits (gulp) and now I have to come up with funds to pay Uncle Sam some more. Great!